SnoopyBIG BOY BONES! was inspired by Samantha’s schnauzer Snoopy who now serves as CEO, traveling with her to spread the word! All Big Boy Bones are limited editions¬†—¬†there are only so many of each bone. All bones are made from original patterns that come from recycled frabrics, so once that pattern is gone, it’s gone! We have many different patters and textures that we use for our bones, and we can also have a pattern chosen for you exclusively. Ask us how!

Buy Big Boy Bones at our online store or visit one of the many locations that sells our bones!

About Samantha Abedin

Samantha, Snoopy and YahooSamantha Abedin has been creating unique and beautiful handmade handbags since 2003. Taught to sew at a young age by her grandmother, she rediscovered her love of the craft as an adult while spending time with her mother, another gifted designer. She designs all of her patterns and puts careful thought into each creation. A number of bags featured in the previous work gallery have been made out of heirloom material in remembrance of a loved one while others represent ideas from her imagination that she has brought to life. Samantha’s pride in her creations is evident in the detailing and craftsmanship seen in all of her bags, the majority of which are one-of-a kind and therefore cannot be duplicated anywhere.

Samantha grew up in with her family in Dallas, Texas where she currently lives with her husband of four years. They both enjoy spending time with their family, shopping for unique objects, working on their home together and playing with their pets in their free time.

Charities and Nonprofit Organizations

Snoopy For Charity

We love to work with nonprofits for a good cause! Contact us if you’re interested in working together. Below is a list of charities and organizations we’ve worked with in the past.

The Chicago Humane Foundation
The Cesar and Ilusion Milan Foundation
The Loved World Foundation by Tamar Gellar

Metroplex Mutts
Paws in the City
East Lake Pet Orphanage
Dallas Animal Shelter

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